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Department of Prosthodontics and Implantology


Prosthodontics is the dental specialty responsible for diagnosis, Rehabilitation and maintenance of patients with complex clinical conditions involving missing or deficient teeth, craniofacial tissues or both, and for providing treatment via the use of biocompatible substitutes such as implants. The study of prosthodontics includes most restorative techniques, esthetic dentistry, implant dentistry, materials science and the study of occlusal form and function. This speciality guides students starting from the first year of their course till the final year where in we teach them dental material sciences, preclinical prosthodontics, and give them clinical training in diagnosing and treatment of partial and completly edentulous patients.


To protect and promote oral health to all the people in the population.

Focus Area

  •         Public health
  •         Dental public health
  •         Epidemiology
  •         Preventive dentistry
  •         Outreach programme
  •         Research methodology
  •         Biostatistics

·         Public health Policy making and Administration

Programmes in the department

Community Outreach program

The Community Outreach program  is a main pillar in teaching and training medical and dental students. The programme creates a positive effect and enhances the social responsibility of the students. Outreach programs help to install and expand their personal and professional insights. It helps them to overcome cultural barriers by working in a variety of cultural and community environments. Thus making them committed and empathetic oral health professionals.

With this we have an oral health Screening and treatment programme for the general community, special groups like children in orphan homes, old age homes and other rehabilitation centers. To cater to this we have a fully equipped mobile dental unit that facilitates the provision of community dental services to urban and rural areas camps are conducted on a regular basis.