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Amrith Educational & Cultural Society, Bangalore are societies Established under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, in the year 1982. The Society is a pioneer & leader in the field of education with many years of experience in Education.

The Society runs a CBSE school, college of nursing & Dental college in Bangalore and all are recognised by their corresponding apex bodies. All the norms laid down by the CBSE board , Nursing council & Dental council of India are followed. All the institutions excel in the quality of infrastructure of the building & equipments provided. the state of art laboratories and play ground & creative spaces provided bring out the excellence in academics in a stress-free environment & helps in overall development of the personality of the students . The above verse upholds the noble value of education acquired steadfastly and with sincerity by a student. This kind of education can only become a possibility with the right educational environment, including teachers, parents.

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Nursing and Dental college

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Phone: 9901079933/ 9901699933.

Aecs Magnolia Maaruti Public School

Phone: 080-26485622/26481811

Mob: 9663041112

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