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Oral Medicine & Radiology


PRELUDE: Oral medicine is a specialty of dentistry that is concerned with oral health care, diagnosis and medical management for patients with systemic illness, which involves the oral cavity as its first sign of the disease.

IN SIMPLE WORDS: Oral medicine is a branch of dentistry which deals with over all illness of patient which reflects in oral cavity as an early sign of the disease.


Oral Medicine and Radiology Department is the first place where patient walk in with pain or even for simple dental checkup. · Patient is screened for overall general health and oral health in this department

· Treated for patient complaint (pain relief).

· Also screened with special attention to occult oral diseases like

Ø Precancerous lesions

Ø TMJ disorders

Ø Salivary gland diseases

Ø Autoimmune disorders

· Patient is also educated for oral and general health well being and TOBACCO cessation.

RADIOLOGY ( X -ray Department)

We are specialized in head and neck radiographs (x-rays) as this institution is well equipped with advanced Radiographic aids. · Radiographs helps in assessing the pathology, diagnosing and planning treatment.


This intuition witness OPD OF about 200-250 patients in a day so they are well trained in the following under the guidance of well qualified teaching faculty.

  •  Basics of Clinical Management
  • Thorough screening of oral cavity not only for the problem which patient has seeks help but also for other diseases which needs utmost attention.
  • Students are well trained to

Ø  Notice early oral cancer

Ø  Develop radiographic elicits

Ø  Diagnose and prescribe patients with minimal invasive planning

The practice of oral medicine will provide optimal health to all people through the diagnosis & management of oral diseases. It is also concerned with oral health care of medically compromised patients & with diagnosis & nonsurgical management of medically related disorders or conditions affecting the oral & maxillofacial region .

Vision of department

  • Recognition of the interaction of oral & systemic health.
  • Integration of medical & oral health care.
  • Management of pharmacotherapeutics necessary for treatment of oral & systemic diseases.
  • Investigations & treatment of oral diseases through basic science & clinical research.
  • Research, teaching & patient care.
  • Provision of care for medically complex patients.
  • Prevention, definition & management of the following disorders Salivary gland diseases, Orofacial pain & other neurosensory disorders. Oral cancer, tobacco related lesions, Disorders of oral mucus membranes.
  • Tobacco deaddiction programme.