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Department of Orthodontics


‘‘The weather outside is frightful, but the smiles that we create here are delightful.’’ The department of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics is one of the renowned departments of the institution for providing the best personalized care for the patients. Orthodontics is a dental specialty that is concerned with correction of irregular teeth and disproportionate jaw relationship, controls and modifies growth in growing patients. Mainly aims at dental corrections and improving the smile.

UG curriculum

We train our undergraduate students in orthodontics from the 3rd year of their bachelor degree in basics, maintaining the utmost sterilization possible and various methods of managing the maligned teeth with the removable appliances which are patient friendly.

PG Curriculum

We are here with strong dedication to impart the next generation with eternal wealth of knowledge that empowers and helps to provide the most powerful dental care. We the faculty in the department of orthodontics have developed a rich history of healthcare innovation. We strive hard to provide the best suitable and satisfactory smile for an individual, for which we are indulged in treating patients with just not one particular system, rather than using appliances from oldest to the most recent therapies, we also use a combination of multiple systems utilizing the advantages of each.

Preadjusted appliance- with metallic, clear brackets and combination as per patients preference.

Under Graduate Programme

Lingual orthodontics- when a patient doesn’t wish for a braces smile.

  • Self-ligating systems- with slightly less pain and less time and less treatment  time at every visit being some of their advantages.
  • Some of the self-ligating systems that we use regularly include-Damon system, selfy, smart clip etc.
  • We also practice invisalign- a removable clear aligner, which stands first in its non-metallic esthetic preference.
  • In growing children to bring about skeletal correction we use myofunctional appliances.
  • In the end stages of growth and highly non-co-operative kids we do use fixed functional appliances.
  • A  recent appliance Advance Sync 2
  • Removable appliances- to correct minor malocclusions.

We take time and make a point to ask specific needs in the smile for each patient as perception of smile may vary from person to person which helps us to disperse patients with a happy smile from within and  a good smile that they deserve. We prioritize not only  providing a bright smile, we also take care of patients’ health by maintaining the best sterilization possible. 

We treat patients using:

Metal braces :

Ceramic braces :