Mental Health Nursing

Mental Health Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing) is a specialized branch of nursing cadre that involves the care of individuals with a mental illness, as well as helps them to recover and improve their excellence & quality of life.


Department of Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nursing, provides scholastic services and conducts research related activities to uphold mental health and prevent mental health problems of society. It continuously intercedes and rehabilitates patients with psychiatric problems. It uses concept of human behavior and its scientific framework for explaining the condition of human being in nursing practice.

The Department is also committed to provide opportunities for professional growth, including conducting CNE Programs and Insightful orientation services. 

Our Mental Health Nursing department has well-informed and committed faculties. They provides quality teaching to undergraduate and post graduate students by assisting them in rising skill and an in-depth understanding of the ground knowledge. It helps the students to function as instructor, case manager and investigator in the field of mental health nursing.

Scholastic Activities:

  • Psychiatric history collection

  • Therapeutic nurse-patient relationship

  • Mental status examination

  • Neurological examination

  • Process recording

  • Psychotropic drug administration

  • Nursing process

  • Managing psychiatric emergencies

  • Stress Management Strategies

  • Crisis intervention

  • Legal and ethical aspects

  • Psycho-education

  • Counseling 

Activities by Department:

  • Guidance and counselling to Students

  • Structured exercise program for Students

  • Conducting Yoga camps in community areas

  • Conducting competitions and quiz Programmes

  • Regular Outreach Programmes in the schools and community

  • Regular Continuing Nursing Education for departmental faculty

  • Conducting Seminars, Panel Discussions

Clinical exposure:

Affiliated to Government and Private Hospitals.

Commemorate Days: 

  • World Mental Health Day, 10th October

  • World Suicide Prevention Day 10th September

  • World Alzheimer’s Day, 21st September

  • World Senior Citizen’s Day,21st August

  • World Schizophrenia Day, 24th May