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Department of Public Health Dentistry


Public health dentistry promotes oral health by controlling and preventing oral health diseases by providing comprehensive oral health care through organized community efforts. We aim to impart our dental professionals’ expertise with population-based dentistry, oral health surveillance, policy development, and community-based disease prevention.


To protect and promote oral health to all the people in the population.

Focus Area

  •         Public health
  •         Dental public health
  •         Epidemiology
  •         Preventive dentistry
  •         Outreach programme
  •         Research methodology
  •         Biostatistics

·         Public health Policy making and Administration

Programmes in the department

Community Outreach program

The Community Outreach program  is a main pillar in teaching and training medical and dental students. The programme creates a positive effect and enhances the social responsibility of the students. Outreach programs help to install and expand their personal and professional insights. It helps them to overcome cultural barriers by working in a variety of cultural and community environments. Thus making them committed and empathetic oral health professionals.

With this we have an oral health Screening and treatment programme for the general community, special groups like children in orphan homes, old age homes and other rehabilitation centers. To cater to this we have a fully equipped mobile dental unit that facilitates the provision of community dental services to urban and rural areas camps are conducted on a regular basis.

School Oral health program

Childhood is very significant in people’s lives where they are more receptive toward behavior shaping; thus, school oral health programs are considered important in enhancing oral health and developing positive oral health habits to last a lifetime. In addition to this we also have teachers training program and health education programme for Anganwadi workers

Preventive dentistry

As part of students clinical work pit and fissure sealants, topical fluoride applications, ART are done in the department

Oral health surveillance

As part of short term research projects students are encouraged to take up survey using WHO performma which help to study research and review from other countries. Students are also encouraged to take up interview which enhances their communication skill.

Observation of important health days

World oral health day, world health day, Oral hygiene day, No tobacco day is observed

Oral health education

A fundamental purpose of dental education is to develop health professionals who will maintain and improve the oral health status of individuals and populations. For the same Oral health care museum has been established.

Tobacco cessation cell

Tobacco counseling is done in the centre also we organize tobacco control programme through pamphlets distribution, role play, health education

Other programs

Blood donation, Fit India

Teaching methods

Department imparts basic teaching with innovations such as role play, health talks and problem-based learning.

Satellite Centres

Two satellite centres, one in the premises of A.E.C.S. Maaruti Magnolia School and others in PHC, Gottigere are attached to the department.

Oral Health Museum

A very informative and educative museum has been specially designed and located on the ground floor to facilitate access to visitors. A TV set and a DVD are also placed in the museum for imparting oral health education

Mobile Dental Service

A fully equipped mobile dental unit facilitates the provision of community dental services to urban and rural areas camps are conducted on a regular basis.